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Commissioning II
As manufacturers of the GRAF treatment plants, we’re the obvious choice when it comes to commissioning and activation of your system. There are plenty of people and companies who can commission Graf treatment plants, we train them on a monthly basis. So you have a choice as to who you use to carry out commissioning. The important thing is, that you get someone to do it.


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Individual systems needs to be set up in a specific way so they are ready for use. The majority of our systems are ‘plug & play’ to make them as quick to install and setup as possible, however it’s still important to make sure they are commissioned correctly. Depending on the exact system you have and its application, there are some elements that must be programmed and adjusted in order for it to do what you require.

The good thing is, if you get this carried out by a Graf trained professional or by us directly, then you can be confident that your system is in perfect working order from day one. Either way, you’ll be left with a commissioning certificate that confirms what has been checked and programmed, and the system will have been ‘signed-off’ by a trained professional. If you’re present for the commissioning then you will also receive a short overview of things you should know about your specific system.


The majority of emergency call-outs and service requests that our engineers attend, are for systems that have not been commissioned at the start of use. They were never set up properly in the first place.

Some systems do get installed incorrectly. If you don’t get the system commissioned by a trained professional then you won’t get to find this out until the system is not working. At which point, it is likely to be much more expensive to fix it. Even if the original installation is incorrect, if the system is commissioned then this can be noticed. In our experience it’s much better to catch this early on and get it corrected, rather than after several weeks or months of sewage filling the system and not being treated.

The overriding benefit to getting your system commissioned properly is peace of mind. You don’t want a problem with your system. It will cost money, cause inconvenience to you and others living in your property, it will likely be very smelly and it will cause a disruption to your life that you could do without. In choosing to have your system commissioned, you are choosing to minimise the risk of all these unwanted problems.