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System Maintenance
Did you know that your local authority has the power to force you to maintain your sewage treatment plant? In certain circumstances, the local authority can insist you carry out repairs or they do the work themselves and then charge you for it.

They can only do this if they deem that your system is causing a risk to public health or is a nuisance, for example if it is leaking or overflowing. It’s very unlikely of course but it does give a strong indication as to how important it is to maintain and service your treatment plant.

Don’t worry though, if you don’t currently get your system maintained then we can help you.

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What’s included in our maintenance contract?

Maintenance should be carried out by a specialist Company approximately every 12 months. The maintenance checks undertaken during these visits include the following:

  • Visual inspection of the tank, lid, water levels inside each chamber, separating baffle (if applicable).
  • System analysis of sludge storage volume, activated sludge, pH and oxygen and the concentration of clear water discharge
  • System functions including all stages; charging, aeration, discharge and sludge return.
  • Record run times for the compressor and step motor valves. Monitoring of the performance of the control panel.
  • Visual inspection and maintenance as required to the compressor.
  • Inspection of the air hoses and all connections.



We need 3 or 4 key bits of information from you in order to put forward a proposal for maintenance of your treatment plant. Please call us on 01608 661500 or email us at to request a call-back so one of our team can talk to you. Following a brief conversation, we can send you a proposal for your consideration within a few hours.


Domestic sewage treatment system maintenance