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When it comes to installation, commissioning, service call-outs or regular ongoing maintenance of your sewage treatment plant, you want to choose the right company to carry out the work.

Not only do we carry out this work ourselves by our own Graf UK engineers, we also train others to become trained professionals with experience of working with our systems. Every treatment plant available in the market is slightly different, so just because a Company specialises in this field it doesn’t mean they are experienced with every type of system. To help you choose who to go to for the services you require, we’ve put together the below map of our trained professionals to let you find out who is closest to your property.

Simply type your postcode into the box below and the map will show the companies and individuals who are closest by location, all of which will be able to help with your treatment plant requirements. We’re always adding more too, so if you’re in a part of the country where we’re yet to fill, you’ll be provided with our Graf UK engineer details, so we can help you directly in the first instance and then as we add more trained companies we can share their details with you.

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